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PureTek Is The Leading Decorative Concrete Company in northwest indiana

What do we provide?

PureTek Provides:

  • Successful concrete repairs with a decorative design that saves you thousands of dollars compared to tearing out concrete, disposing of concrete, re-pouring, finishing, and stamping new concrete.
  • Industrial grade epoxy coatings that are warrantied for life


PureTek Team

  • PureTek’s team has been repairing concrete and applying epoxy coatings since 1996. Our team has a combined experience of 65 years in the concrete and epoxy industry. PureTek’s team has served thousands of customers in the Northwest Indiana area and surrounding areas. PureTek is dedicated to providing decorative concrete repairs at 40-75% cheaper on average than tearing out and re pouring concrete while providing a great quality of workmanship. Our concrete repairs with a decorative design are made to last and we warranty just that for life with proper maintenance. 


Designs and Products

  • Since 1996, PureTek’s team has spent hundreds of hours researching which products last in our concrete repairs, decorative designs, and epoxy coatings. We have an abundant amount of designs, which vary in pricing, that come in almost any color you can think of, you can be assured that with PureTek, you are receiving the most durable repair, decorative design, or epoxy product available on the market.
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