On-Site Epoxy Training Classes in Northwest Indiana

Are you ready to learn a trade where you can make substanital money or even have a lucrative epoxy flooring business? You don’t have to be a professional epoxy coating engineer to learn how it’s done.

PuretekLLC offers classes for beginners, intermediates and experts. We provide on-site training so you can first hand knowledge of expanding your knowledge without having to worry about acquiring the proper supplies. Plus, our instructors have over 70 years of experience- they won’t let any pesky little detail get past them!

At the end of each class, you’ll have a stronger understanding of epoxy coatings engineering and will have all of your questions answered! Imagine what this could do for your career – apply today and find out!

Sign up now for one of our exclusive Epoxy Coatings Classes taught by industry professionals at PuretekLLC who have laid millions of square feet of epoxy and have over 70 years of experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – click here and enroll today!


Currently we are only on-site, we will have an online course in time.

Currently, we sell epoxy to you at a discounted price. We consult you on where to buy the best or rent the best equipment.